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Speeding up Application Development with Ready-Made Icons

There are several ways to get graphics done for Web sites and software projects. Enterprises with deep pockets employ artists and designers who make them unique images for salary. Smaller companies outsource their graphics to third-party design studios, getting their images for hefty fees. Organizations that are even smaller contract freelance designers, saving a bunch of money at the risk of not getting anything at all, getting something not quite up to specs, or receiving what's needed too late. Full article...

Working with Icons and Managing Icon Collections

Are you a Web designer, an artist creating icons for software products, or simply collecting desktop and application icons? Sib Icon Studio offers an easy way to create and organize your collection, perform necessary touch-ups and modifications to the icons. Full article...

Creating Icons

Having touched upon the issues of the interface icon set, their stylistics and sizes, it is time to start creating them. This article covers the basics of computer drawing. Also I tried to systematize all icon stamps with established outline and meaning, which is not going to change. I hope this article will be useful to both web-designers and beginner artists. Full article...

Ready Stock Icons vs. Custom Icon Design

Do you know how should a perfect website or application look? Of course, because of the fact that its design helps your product or service to stand out and to be easily distinguished from your competitors' offer. To be individual, to look modern and to generate sales, the interface of your website or application should be more expressive and attractive. You can strengthen the effect that it creates on your consumers now with a help of icons, which are presented in our collections of professional toolbar stock icons. These icons were invented and created by professional designers, who are the real experts in making a variety of icons, which serve as a means of improving you website or application. Full article...

Where Do I Claim My Free Icons?

Web designers and software developers order or buy Windows icons to use on Web pages they make and programs they create. But if you are a computer user who wants free icons to customize Windows XP or Vista desktop, you have many more options available to get them for absolutely free.

You can download free icons on the Internet, convert your digital pictures into icons or even discover free icons on your own computer. Full article...

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